It is surprising over time how many projects one launches. A good many come to nothing and I have listed some of them here. I am pleased with the outcome of others though and I am happy to share them with others who may find them useful or interesting. Anything marked 'Planned' may never happen but I note them here in case I forget them.

This Website (ACTIVE)

When you come to the point at which it takes longer to find something - a board, a disk or any other widget - you realize that if you are to continue to enjoy your hobby, some approach to organizing your stuff will be required. I recently moved house and had the opportunity to assess and reflect on ... (Read more)

Barcode System (PLANNED)

Several years ago I pulled a Symbol laser barcode scanner out of the trash. They're quite commonplace these days at hamfests and swap meets. In 2007 I spent $10 on the corresponding wedge. The barcode system project adds barcode scanning functionality to the collection manager. A barcode label, p... (Read more)

CRDS Universe 68/05 Project (ACTIVE)

I’m a sucker for an old computer, especially if it looks a little out of the ordinary, so three ye... (Read more)

30W+30W GEC Ultralinear Tube Amplifier (ACTIVE)

This project began in the late 90's. I was casting around for a tube power amplifier and had originally intended to purchase one from a store. I pieced together a few very basic r... (Read more)

Collection Space (ACTIVE)

When we moved recently, I had an opportunity to lay out ... (Read more)

DECserver 200MC via Linux (ACTIVE)

Actually this should really be entitled "MOP Boot and MOP remote console prompt access via Linux". In any event, the steps below were those I used to bring up MOP and LAT on a small Linux machine, and use them to boot and access a Decserver 200MC. This writeup does not cover configuring LAT services... (Read more)

VAX-11/750 Bringup (ACTIVE)

This project describes the bringup of my 11/750, beginning early June 2009. Details are on the page for the system; click here to read more.... (Read more)

Beekeeing Page (ACTIVE)

At the end of 2009 I decided to buy my wife a beehive. She'd kept bees when she was younger. This is the tale of our beekeeping activities. There's a considerable amount to think about when setting up, rather more in fact than either of us realized as we began to look further into what would be need... (Read more)

Step-by-Step Chicken Coop - Part 1 (ACTIVE)

We'd been talking about keeping chickens for a while, and as a friend noted, it's a logical progression from beekeeping. Backyard chicken-keeping is a popular pastime in the US and there is no shortage of information to be had on the matter through books and the interwe... (Read more)