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With so many vintage computer-related sites on the web, the reader may be tempted to question the value of adding another. Let me state my objective in building this site: my intention is to inventory and catalog items in my possession and provide additional information that may not be recorded in in other web sites. In the process of repairing and reactivating the devices cataloged here, useful information such as pinouts, failure modes and repairs, compatibility and replacement part cross-references have accumulated. I am sharing this information in the hope that it may assist other enthusiasts in their quest to build working systems.

Update - 5/28/2009

I discovered that there were some problems with some system and project pages not displaying correctly on IE and Safari. These have now been corrected.

Update - 7/1/2009

My Facebook page is here

Update - 6/24/2012

I've taken up two new pastimes: film photography and keeping chickens. You can see some of my photographs on Flickr.
I plan to post photographs and my design for a chicken coop at some point.

Update - 2/27/2013

I've added notes on resolving a KIM-1 memory error (keywords: KIM-1, display problem, memory error, RAM chip failure)

Collection Philosophy

Systems should work where possible. My definition of 'working' may be rather broad for the purist. For some, the definition requires full functionality from original components, running applications from the correct era under an appropriate operating system. The systems cataloged here may fall short of that definition in several ways: hardware emulation (of drives and storage for example), modern operating systems (Linux, BSD) and modern component substitutions may have been used to bring these devices back to a functioning state.

Yet others feel that the risk of damaging systems, in particular hard disk storage components, by operating them is unacceptable. However, the systems cataloged here are relatively commonplace and there is much to be gained from the know-how that is obtained in bringing a system up in some configuration and observing it in operation.

The devices cataloged here have been acquired over a number of years from numerous sources. Systems are in varying conditions. Most are cosmetically sub-par, but a missing panel, a scratched bezel or a broken switch do not necessarily detract from the function of a device.

The photography in the catalog is original except where credited to other sources and reflects the state of each device at the time of recording in the catalog. Image resolution is high and may take a few seconds to download.

Areas of Interest

Despite the Vintage Computer title, there are other related, but non-computer items in the catalog. I have accumulated assorted test equipment, books, trade journals and other odds and ends related to the hardware and software elements of the catalog.

The catalog contains the following types of devices: HP64000 In-Circuit Emulators; digital Equipment Corporation minicomputers and terminals; Teletype Corporation printing terminals; a Wang Laboratories VS System and peripherals; Data General Nova 4 chassis; books; and miscellaneous related peripherals including tape and disk drives, keyboards and boards. There are also some odds and ends of calculators and handheld/desktop computers (Read more...).


Here are notes from several vintage computer hardware, software, audio or mechanical projects that are either planned or in progress (Read more...).


I can be reached at david_comley@yahoo dot com

I'm also on Facebook

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David Comley
October 2008